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Safeguarding Democracy: Identity, History, and Action in the Civics Classroom

July 20, 2020 to July 22, 2020
Safeguarding Democracy in the Civics Classroom

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Safeguarding Democracy: Identity, History, and Action in the Civics Classroom

The values and principles of a democratic society have differed from the lived realities of many groups of people in US history. Through the lenses of race and racism, immigration and citizenship, and voting rights and political access, we will explore these disparities.. Through these lenses along with Facing History’s pedagogical approach, we will use a variety of historical and contemporary sources to examine democracy in the US in the past and present. We will model how to nurture a reflective, learner-centered classroom that values identity and creates an inclusive space for civil discourse. Since civic education is ideally oriented around action, we will explore specific examples to inspire students to use their power and voice to address the contradictions between the ideals of American democracy and the lived realities of injustice.   


Additionally in this seminar, participants will:

  1. Receive a free copy of a new Facing History resource, “From Reflection to Action: A Choosing to Participate Toolkit.”

  2. Walk away with planning tools for student-led projects that will empower them to take effective action in their communities.

  3. Learn from local experts and educators who will share unique ways to engage students in meaningful action civics projects.

  4. Practice teaching strategies and classroom activities that reinforce historical thinking and critical literacy skills.

After this seminar, participants will:

  1. Receive ongoing coaching and support from Facing History staff.

  2. Receive full access to Facing History’s online lending library of books and DVDs for the classroom at no cost.

  3. Become part of the Facing History educator network, with access to a rich slate of educator resources, including unit and lesson plans, study guides, and multimedia.

We welcome all humanities, English language arts, civics, social studies teachers, as well as any administrators, counselors, and educators serving grades 6–12.

The Greenlining Institute
360 14th St
Oakland, CA 94612
July 20, 2020 - July 22, 2020
9:30 am - 4:00 pm

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